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The following are 7 ways in which you can promote your business. The best part? They’re free!

  1. Practice your micro-pitch. What better way is there to start a conversation with prospects than to introduce yourself and your brand with a short, clever 30-second micro-pitch.
  2. Offer a free consultation meeting. Continue the conversation by offering a one-time, no-strings attached meeting to introduce your product or service and its value proposition.
  3. Speak at a professional conference. Spotlight your business by presenting your vision , discussing trends, or sharing your expertise with a live audience.
  4. Create an e-newsletter. Sending an attractive e-newsletter to your existing and potential clients on a regular basis is a highly effective way of sharing the value your products or services offer in solving a business need.
  5. Start a blog. Write your own blog or reach a broader audience by following and writing guest posts on blogs with a large readership.
  6. Have happy clients share their experience. Word of mouth advertising is the oldest and still the most effective way of promoting your business. What others say is always more authentic than whatever you have to say about yourself and your business.
  7. Promote the good works of others. Get people’s attention by tagging social media profiles of others and sharing their good works in your posts.

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