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7 ways to empower and educate your clients about what you do…

1.       Be known as a problem solver. Clients seek help from those who understand what they’re going through and can help them navigate the issues. E-mail, call, or meet up with clients at regular intervals to stay abreast of their issues. From those conversations, develop products / services and content that help them solve their problems.

2.       Be engaging with hands on experiences. Most people are visual or kinesthetic learners – they need to see, feel and have their hands on something to really learn and understand how it works. Organize workshops and hands on experiences that allow your clients to touch, watch, or experience your product or service in action with live demos, or simulations and samples for them to test out. Follow up with those who have positive experiences about writing a product review.

3.       Be transparent. Prospects and clients alike respect industry leaders who can speak authoritatively about overcoming their struggles the hard way. Create and share useful content such as tutorials, how to guides, hacks and tips on your website or blog so that your clients can learn from your mistakes. Educate your client and develop your relationship further by sharing your personal experiences and the lessons you’ve learned along the way as proof that you are knowledgeable about their issues.

4.       Demonstrate value. Your best value proposition is showing who you are, your passions, and your values. Allow your clients to actively interact with your brand in real time. Repurpose and repackage your existing content into micro-content for sharing on social media to educate your prospects and promote your larger offerings. The more life experiences you share with your audience, the more they will forge a more unique, personal connection with you rather than with your competition.

5.       Help your client achieve optimal results. Organize webinars and face-to-face workshops where customers can learn ways in which to use lesser known features of your product or service for making the most of your offerings.

6.       Share the spotlight by taking testimonials to a whole new level. Solicit and upload your clients’ homemade videos for posting into a video blog (vlog).  What better ways is there to share the many creative ways your clients are using your product or service as well as unique or lesser known features they found helpful?

7.       Learn together by conducting Q&As with industry leaders who you think do great work. It’s a great way for you and your clients to learn together as well as expand your knowledge and expertise.

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